Weekly Round Up for 8/3

posted Aug 3, 2010, 6:31 PM by Darien Caldwell
Lots of news this week!
  • Site Upgrades: We have made some upgrades and changes to the website. First off, The Players Page and Cards Page now both have Search! you can search players and cards by name.  Secondly, your personal Control Panel now shows all of your player stats, as well as allowing you to update your site profile picture, to match your Second Life profile picture should you change it. This will be handy later...  More stuff coming down the road.
  • The Community Area: You'll see a new section to the left, called Community. Over time we will be populating this with more stuff.  The First new Section is...
  • The LOGOS Cards Arena List: Here is a listing of known LOGOS Arenas in Second Life. Some locations also Buy/Sell/Trade Cards. Find out all about them here.
  • The well respected Italian Gaming blog G4G has discovered LOGOS Cards. See what they have to say, and leave your comments here.

Have news to share, or see something you think may be of interest to us and other Logos Players? Let us know!