Weekly Round-Up

posted Jul 13, 2010, 6:40 PM by Darien Caldwell   [ updated Jul 13, 2010, 7:43 PM ]
I'm going to institue a weekly summary of events, news, and other useful information, so we can have good communication between the LOGOS team and our community. Feel free to contact Oni Horan and I (Darien Caldwell) anytime with issues or questions.
  • Update 1.01 is out!  Read more here!
  • Service Provider Maintenace: Our Backend Service Provider will be having a Maintenance period tomorrow, July 14th.  The period will last from 5PM SL time to 6:30PM SL time.  During this period, changes to your deck will be rejected, scoring will not save, And other services will be degraded. You do NOT have to eject your cards, just refrain from making any changes, as they will be rejected.
  • Card Ejecting from the Website:  This is quite the can of worms. Several people have reported problems with this, and from the logs I have seen quite a bit of abuse (ejecting 40 cards one at a time using this, instead of ejecting all cards from the HUD menu). Because of these, I have disabled Web ejection for now. Please understand the more you eject and load cards, the greater your chances that something could go wrong, and your cards could be lost.  Once I am satisfied that single card ejection is robust, and have put in some LIMITS on it, It will be back.
  • Card Order: The order you load cards has NO meaning, it doesn't affect the game at all. It isn't necessary to eject all cards just to load one new card. Eject a few, Load a few, that is all you should ever need to do. (once the single eject is back, of course).
  • LOGOS Cards gets some press:  read the story on the New World Notes Blog.