Update 1.03 is Released!

posted Sep 6, 2010, 11:22 AM by Darien Caldwell


The wait is finally Over! A lot of work has gone into this stability release. However, we haven't forgotten about the players and their needs. We have included some of the most requested fixes and changes too. So head to the Update Satellite in BorgBeef and get your free update today!
The Release Notes:

v1.03 HUD Changes:
- (Hopefully) fixed an issue with error-after-TP problems with HTTP-URL acquisition.
- Fixed an issue where a game ends by players moving too far apart, yet the HUDs still believe a match is in progress. (this could lead to instant losses and endless lockdowns)
- Fixed a False Lockdown condition at startup, cards could be played before the HUD had fully initialized.  Thanks goes to Felaeris Kojishi for precisely identifying the condition responsible!
- Made another Attempt to correct the race condition that causes nearby HUD detect to constantly 'chirp' when many players are in close proximity.  I must have been sleepy on my last attempt, the code made no sense! :0)  Please give me feedback on this latest attempt.
- Corrected several methods of hud lockup. Some will report messages in chat and ask that you send me the message. Please do so, this will allow me to judge the effectiveness of the fix.
- Updated the HUD encryption to better handle laggy sim conditions.
- Rewrote the card dealing code to use less resources, be 'more random'.
- Fixed an issue where the Low health Crisis alarm would sometimes only play once, even if one's health dipped below 25000 more than once.
- Adjusted the Minimize feature on the huds to better handle Viewer 2 Interface design.
- Made the temporary password for first-time users more 'obvious'.
- Adjusted the Resign and Backup Buttons around the Attack/Defense button, so they don't overhang anymore. <3
- Added many scripty bits to support ucoming new changes and features.

Balance Changes:
- After watching a lot of gameplay, and receving a lot of feedback from players, and having many lively debates, we have decided to institute a new conditional EVENT.  In the case where a player gets pushed down to only two card slots, *if* and *when* a lockdown occurs, They will be granted 'Celestial Intervention', and receive a free cargo slot.  This can only occur *once* per game.
- Fixed bugs with Moon Lillith, CyberBoots, and Nubian Warlord cards.
Website Changes:
- Updated to new Encryption scheme
- Fixed some spelling errors
Neurograph Changes:
- Added a touch menu. The Camera Effect can be Enabled or Disabled.
Tournament Board Changes:
- Removed false 'Sync Error' message.
- Added 'Board Channels' to separate play-by-play chat for multiple Tournament boards in close proximity. Each board should be set to a different channel. The spectator can set their headphones to the channel of the board they wish to listen to.
- Upgraded encryption to work with 1.03 HUDs and above.
As Noted: The Tournament Board has also been updated. If you own Tournament boards, Please IM Darien Caldwell for a Tournament Board Exchange.  The old Tournament Board will NOT function with the new HUD Update.