Update 1.02 is Out!

posted Jul 18, 2010, 3:15 PM by Darien Caldwell
This update is the second half of the functionality and bug fixes I started on in 1.01.  You can update by Teleporting to the Update Satellite in BorgBeef (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Borgbeef/101/179/2525)
Click on one of the two updaters and follow it's instructions. You MUST have your old 1.01 HUDs to get the update! If you still have version 1.00, please contact Oni Horan or Darien Caldwell for your update.
Here's the full list of fixes:
  • Backend was updated from 10.0 RC to 10.0 Release version of the Kay framework.
  • Fixed single card ejection. There was a bug in calculating card data offsets which would result in failure-to-select or mis-selection of the proper card data. All fixed.
  • Eject All button has been returned to the website.
  • New throttle on Single Card Ejection. Some people were using single card for the purpose of ejecting all cards. This is NOT what it's for. If you want to eject all cards, use the Eject All button, on the website *or* the HUD.  You will only be able to eject single cards once every 45 seconds.
  • Added some redundancy to rez-induced checks to ensure the HUD keeps up-to-date with the website state.
  • The game requires one HTTP-IN URL. HUD will now detach with an error message when no free URLs are available on the parcel.
  • Card storage interval has been reduced from 45 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Added a link back to the control panel from the card viewer screen when you have no cards loaded.
  • Added a 'Refresh Card View' button. This will reload the page with the up-to-date card data. Use this instead of the browser's refresh button for an accurate card view.
  • Added more channels to the "Player Nearby" chime. This should prevent the chime continuing to play in crowded player areas.
  • Adjusted the card download batch size, to correct a suspected buffer over-run which could in rare circumstances lead to card loss.
  • Added a permanent link to a card's details. This way you can copy the link to share the card's view with others. Just right click and copy the "Permalink" link on it's description.
  • Fixed a major cause of HUD de-sync. The problem was traced to a contention issue when one player would play a back up, while the other simultaneously locked their play.  This has been resolved.