Series Alpha Upgrade coming Soon

posted Dec 25, 2010, 1:53 PM by Darien Caldwell
As part of the Series Beta release, the encryption on the new cards was upgraded similar to how the HUD communcation was in version 1.04; It makes communication more reliable, reducing the chance of card loss and HUD jams.
I had hoped to phase things in slowly and gracefully, however, my strategy hit a snag.  As many may have noticed, when loading Series Beta cards, you get a "Duplicate card Detected, Ditching" message consistently.  While harmless, this is a side-effect of the HUD trying to accomodate both the old and new card encryption. 
So I have to up the time table.  HUD Version 1.05 is in the works, and when it comes out, the old encryption will no longer be supported.  This means any old cards which use the old encryption will no longer load.
But fret not, with a little effort on each player's part, nothing will be lost.  Today's Card Return Server upgrade replaces all of the old Series Alpha cards with *NEW* versions that use the *NEW* encryption. While waiting for HUD version 1.05 to come out, you can cycle your cards at your leisure, and get updated cards.
After HUD 1.05 releases, if you still have any old-encryption cards, we will be making a card exchange system available at the Update Satellite.
So in short:
  • Series Alpha cards loaded in your HUD are safe.
  • Series Alpha cards in your inventory should be loaded and ejected at some point before HUD 1.05 releases.
  • If some cards end up not getting cycled, we will handle those with an exchange system after HUD 1.05 releases.
Thanks for your Understanding and keep Battling!