Manifesting the LOGOS Pt.1

posted Sep 19, 2010, 3:49 PM by
As those among you who have been nagging on a daily basis should be aware, the production of our second card series is currently heavily under way.
Because we want to make sure every card is unique and fun, both creatively and gameplaywise, it takes a lot of time to put all the right ingredients together. Especially since this series will have a total of 100 cards when it is released to the public! At that point the game will have ~200 cards and hopefully offer enough versatility for dozens of different decks.

Today 55 cards finished, the release is starting to shift to the horizon, which is why from today on we will be teasing you from time to time with new cards to look forward to.

Naturally we wouldn't want to spoil you with the biggest cards already, so let us start with a simple one, Recursion. Most of you should have experienced the Mimmick effect at this point and if you have, surely you will see the potential in this unique card. Not only does it copy an effect, on top of that it blocks that same effect for your enemy, essentially stealing it. More to follow...