LOGOS Update 1.05 is Live!

posted Jan 16, 2011, 7:21 PM by Darien Caldwell   [ updated Jan 16, 2011, 10:26 PM ]
The wait is finally Over! A lot of work has gone into this feature and stability release. However, we haven't forgotten about the players and their needs. We have included some of the most requested fixes and changes too. So head to the Update Satellite in BorgBeef and get your free update today!
The Release Notes:
  • NEW! Changed minimun deck size to 30.
  • NEW! Changed maximum deck size to 55.
  • NEW! 5 New DEMO cards have been added to the LOGOS universe. All players will get these cards in the update pack!
  • Upgraded the card loading encryption for greater reliability.
  • Fixed the Berserk Effect. It now takes effect on the target *only* if the target has health down to less than 25%.
  • Added some debug features for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Fixed a rare race condition when ejecting cards soon after loading them.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would generate a "duplicate" message when loading, but they aren't really duplicate.
  • Added HUD support for Multi-Card Eject.
  • Rewrote the card Transfer system (Server <--> HUD) for greater reliability and to support future features.
  • NEW! You are now told how many XP points you earn after a match.
  • Fixed a rare conditions where the Swap effect could UNDO itself if a backup was played against it.
  • Added new upcoming features. ;p
Neurograph Changes:
  • NEW! Touching the Neurograph gives you a list of LOGOS Players in the current sim. You can see their level and if they are currently in a game! If you have Viewer 2.xx, their name is clickable, and will open their profile directly.
  • Added new 'to White' and 'to Purple' effects to Neurograph.
  • Added new sound effects for Color Change and Berserk.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Minimize Neurograph Display.
  • Added new upcoming features. ;p

Website Changes:

  • Reduced website single-card return delay from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Web Card view now shows the current count of cards in the HUD.
  • Added support for in the sim game tracking (see Neurograph).
  • NEW! Your web Control Panel now shows your In-Game Email address, and allows email forwarding to be turned on/off.
Tournament Board Changes:
  • Updated to support Berserk properly.
  • Added new upcoming features. ;p
  • NEW! Board can now check for updates from the menu, same as the Main HUD can.
  • NEW! The owner can now configure Win Notifications. This provides a notice of who won to the owner and/or people watching the match. The owner can choose between Whisper, Say, Shout,Owner Say, or No Message.
REMINDER: Older Alpha cards will no longer Load into the HUD. We will have an exchange program SOON!
As Noted: The Tournament Board has also been updated. If you own Tournament boards, Please use the NEW Tourney board updater OR IM Darien Caldwell for a Tournament Board Exchange.  The old Tournament Board will NOT function properly with the new HUD Update.