LOGOS Official Forums are Live!

posted Sep 30, 2010, 5:21 PM by Darien Caldwell   [ updated Oct 15, 2010, 8:59 AM ]
Today we are proud to announce several new services for LOGOS players.
First and foremost, we now have official forums, for all registered players to use to discuss, debate, promote, and support LOGOS and LOGOS related things!  But before you can see the forums, you have to learn how to log in.


This will sound more complex than it is, because I want to go over all the details available. Basically to log into the forums, you log into your account here at Logos-Cards.com, and from your control panel, click "forums".  It's that easy.
However, if you go to the forums directly at http://forum.logos-cards.com, and are not logged into the site, you'll see the OpenID login screen (this page will change later):
If you already know your LOGOS OpenID, enter it in the second blank. If not, click the link to go to your OpenID management page. login using your Logos website name/password if needed, and you'll see what your LOGOS OpenID is and a list of your last logins using it:
There is also a link at the bottom which will log you directly into the forums.

Your Inbound Email

You may notice your OpenID id has an email address as part of it. This is a valid address! All registered players now have a permanent, incoming email address for their avatar! These emails will be delivered to you in-world.
There are some limitations:
  • You can't send messages with it, only receive
  • Any attachments in the email will be lost.
  • HTML formatting is stripped off, you will only receive the plain text of the message.
You can determine your email address from the OpenID page above, or simply use your avatar name in this format:  avatar.name[at]slconductor.appspotmail.com (replace [at] with @. Stupid spammers)
Any emails sent there will come directly to you!
We will always provide more updates as we add more features. Stay tuned here, and in the forums for updates. :)