LOGOS expansion: Beta cards released!

posted Dec 17, 2010, 7:09 PM by necronomvi@logos-cards.com
The long awaited first major expansion for LOGOS is here!

Series Beta has been in development ever since LOGOS launched 6 months ago. It introduces over 100 new cards, along with a couple of surprises that will be revealed at a later point.

You will find a new effect and many cards to complement your personal tactics and playing styles. You should think of series Beta as an enhancement to the cards that are available in our alpha packs, not a replacement. To further reflect this we have decided to limit access to this card series to players that have gained at least level 5.
Anyone below that will not be able to purchase these cards from our stores, even though the cards remain usable in theory.

Special license badges will be distributed to all players who qualify from now, I will do my best to deliver those to everyone who is already past the according levels as soon as I can.

We hope that our community will enjoy trying out this expansion and we are very eager to see how it will change the game. Of course you can expect us to keep a very close eye on how things work out, in case some tweaking needs to be applied.

Feel free to look through our updated cardlist and discuss the cards in our forums!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas from Oni and Dari!