LOGOS cards officially released

posted Jul 1, 2010, 2:45 AM by necronomvi@logos-cards.com   [ updated Jul 1, 2010, 3:58 AM ]
We are very proud to announce that after over two years of work and many allnighters LOGOS cards is finally released to the public. You can find the main store here.

When we first set out to create this we really had no idea what a complex system it would evolve into. We can say with full confidence that as we progressed, we left no effort untried to polish every single aspect of the game and create something that is absolutely unique in Second Life®.
You will find that LOGOS cards uses many state of the art technologies to hopefully minimize all those little awkward moments you usually experience while trying something new inworld.

From the fully immersive effect system to guide you through the game, to the private webintegrated card management system, we'd like to invite everyone to check out the game for themselves!
We release with a special limited offer, so you will be able to purchase a fully functional game that includes 25 free demo cards to be playable out of the box for 299L$. On top of that I will personally hand a special limited release card to the first 100 people to purchase the game, it will never be obtainable by any other means. We would be happy to hear your thoughts about the game, so don't be shy and contact us with questions or feedback.

Finally we'd like to thank everyone who helped to make the game possible. We launch with 100 cards and to create all these, many players helped us by posing with their most unique avatars. As I've been working on making these for over two years memory has become a little cloudy, but of course anyone who posed is invited to contact me for a copy of their card. Special thanks also go to all our betatesters, who helped us to uncover and fix countless of bugs and who will be awarded with a unique card of their own.

We truly hope you will enjoy your time with our game,
Oni Horan and Darien Caldwell