A few Updates

posted Sep 16, 2010, 8:20 PM by Darien Caldwell
Just a couple items today:
We have added a new Arena to our Official Arena List. Check out Mission's Basement!
As well, we have made a couple more card adjustments:
  • The Nubian Warlord was found to have an incorrect speed. Speed was changed from 82 to 65.
  • The Bostrom Hacker DEMO card has had a balance adjustment (It's second adjustment since release).  The following two changes were made:
  1. The Combo requirement was changed from G - X - G  to  X - X - G
  2. A Self-Effect was added, which clears the Combo of the player playing the card.
Please Cycle your cards to pick up these changes. Site graphics will be updated in the next few days.