A few Items of Interest...

posted Aug 29, 2010, 8:11 PM by Darien Caldwell
Balance. It's an important concept. The various things I'm going to be talking about today have a thread of balance running through them all. So here goes:
  • The team at LOGOS is always eager to assist our players in organizing and promoting special events such as Tournaments, League play-offs, and other events of interest to the LOGOS community.  

    However, we must also balance this with an eye to ensuring the quality and integrity of such events that we put our name on. With this in mind, the LOGOS Team in conjunction with our Arena owners, have created a set of rules and guidelines to govern events that the LOGOS Team Sanctions or Sponsors.  You can read these new rules here. The permanent link will be http://www.logos-cards.com/community/official-events We hope by having these rules and continuing to promote events under their umbrella, we can all continue to have fun and and benefit from the wide array of experiences the LOGOS community can provide! :)


  • Speaking of balance, in the upcoming Update to LOGOS (yes it's coming!), we will be adding a new component to better balance a situation I think we all have experienced. Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded Slot decimated Lockdown! Starting in version 1.03, if at any time during the game, someone experiences a Lockdown while they are down to 2 slots, they will 'mange to engineer a spare card slot before depleting reserves'. This free slot will only be given ONCE per game. We believe after studying many games, receiving much feedback, and discussing at length, this will provide the best balance.  But we would love to hear your thoughts before it goes live.


  • 3 Cards have been found to have errors recently. The cards are Moon Lillith, CyberBoots, and Nubian Warlord.  In fact the links may not even show the correct graphics yet. (but soon!) The stats in text are correct.  Anyone with these cards loaded should eject and reload them. Anyone with these cards unloaded, should load then Eject them. This will ensure you end up with the updated card.


  • As hinted at above, update 1.03 is just around the bend. But I won't spoil the surprise yet.
We at LOGOS sincerely hope that everyone continues to enjoy the game, and we do everything we can to that end. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your gaming experience better!
                                 - Dari and Oni