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Every card has a color

Almost every card belongs to one of three classes:

MATTER (red), ENERGY (green) or INFORMATION (blue)

These are the elements of which all things in our world consist.

When meeting in battle they behave like this:

                MATTER                beats        ENERGY
                ENERGY                beats        INFORMATION
                INFORMATION       beats        MATTER

Beyond that there are two special classes:

  • Neutral (White) cards can be beat by any other class. They are mostly used to apply special effects or for defense.
  • Life (Purple) cards are extremely rare and hard to play. However, they are among the strongest cards in the game and beat any other class they are played against.

Every card has stats

Every card has three stats that will affect the game: 


In every round a battle will occur after both players played a card. The classes of these cards determine who will be the Attacker and who will Defender.

For example, if you play a MATTER card and your opponent plays an ENERGY card, then you will be the Attacker.

In the battle the Defense Value of the Defender is subtracted from the Attack Value of the Attacker. If the result is larger than zero, it is subtracted from the hit points of the Defender as damage.

The Speed Value has a special role: 

If two cards of the same class meet in battle, the Speed Value will determine which card gets to Attack first.

For example, if both players play a MATTER card, then the Speed Values come into play.

The card with the higher Speed Value will start the attack. However, unlike with normal battles, if this Attack is not successful and no damage is inflicted, the order is turned around and the Defender gets to strike back.

It is also important to remember that if both cards have the same color and also the same Speed Value, the round is instantly ended with a Deadlock and no battle occurs. This will mostly happen when the same cards have been played, but some different cards may have the same values as well, so pay close attention.

Finally, if any card has a Speed Value that is higher than 99 and has no Combo-Requirement (more on combos in a moment) it has a very special ability:

A player may send one such card to his Backup Slot and use it later any time during the game to replace a card in battle.

Every card has a Combo

Every card has a Combo-Indicator on the upper right corner. It consists of three hexagons that may be colored and defines the Combo-Requirement that must be fulfilled to play the card.
After every battle the current color of the card is added to the Combo-Counter in the game display. The color is always added to the leftmost panel, pushing all other colors one step to the right, in a Last In-First Out fashion (LIFO).

In order for a combo-card to be playable its Combo-Indicator has to match exactly with the Combo-Counter of the game in the same round.

When a panel in the Combo-Indicator is grey, it means that this panel does not need to be matched. For example, most cards have three grey panels, which indicates they can be played under any circumstances.
Think of grey as a wildcard.

Take a look at some examples here. On the left you have the Combo-Indicators of three cards that can be played; the three cards on the right can not be played in this round.

Every card has Effects

Every card has two fields that define the special effects it can activate.
The field on the left has a red border and holds an effect that will target your opponent. The effect panel on the right has a grey border and displays the effect that will target you.
After both players have set down their cards, the battle direction is determined. At this point, all effects get activated! At first the effects of the Defender get triggered and after that the Attacker activates the effects of his card.

In general there are two types of effect: 
  • Permanent Effects: once activated, these cannot be undone. 
  • Temporary Effects: when active, they last until the end of the round and disappear afterwards, if they haven't been removed earlier.

Permanent effects:

Add Card Slot:
This effect will increase the number of card slots by one. If the player held three card slots, after activation of this effect he will hold four.

 Remove Card Slot:
This effect will decrease the number of card slots by one. If the player held three card slots, after activation of this effect he will hold two.
This effect will sum up the Attack Value and Defense Value of the card and heal the targeted player by that amount.
Shuffle Hand:
This effect will dump all cards from the player's current hand and deal the player a new hand of cards.
Destroy Combo:
The Combo-Counter of the targeted player is reset back to emptied.
Destroy Backup:
If the targeted player has a card in their backup slot it will be destroyed
This effect creates a shield around the targeted player. This shield cancels all his active temporary effects and will block all effects targeting him for the rest of the round. It cannot be canceled by other effects.

Temporary effects:

The Defense Value and Attack Value of the targeted card are used to determine which one is higher and both are set to this value.
The Defense Value and Attack Value of the targeted card are used to determine which one is lower and both are set to this value.
Swap Values:
The Defense Value and Attack Value of the targeted card are switched.
Double Combo:
At the end of the round the Combo-Counter will receive two new color panels instead of just one.
This copies the effect that is located at the same location of the opponent's card and activates it.
If the target is in critical condition, meaning they have less then 25,000 hit points, then the Attack Value and Defense Value of the target is doubled.

Color Change:
If the color of the targeted card matches the color on the left side of this symbol, it is replaced with the color on the right. In this case, if the target is INFORMATION it is set to MATTER. This can change the direction of battle!

Typical LOGOS datacard:

The class of the card is INFORMATION

Attack: 5.000
Defense: 20.000
Speed: 70

The card has one effect that will heal the player himself.

The card has a combo requirement and can only be played if both the card from two rounds ago and from three rounds ago were INFORMATION