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LOGOS story

To all humans, living among the stars

Since ancient times misguided human heretics have searched for answers that explain the universe. Millenia of superficial observation led *them* to one profane conclusion:

Full understanding of this entity we call our universe will never be obtained with the limited resources of humankind.

Established as universally accepted doctrines, none but us, the Society of the LOGOS, was bold enough to confront such shameless fabrications. Ignoring this outdated focus on the macrocosmos, all our struggles were directed towards understanding the force that is driving the universe, its soul.

It is our belief that the will of the universe itself is manifested inside of every life form and our devoted scientists have sacrificed centuries to develop the technology that gives this force, which we refer to as the LOGOS, a visible presence. These cards, holding the distilled essence of a given entity, are a conduit for obtaining the answers we seek.

Now that our generation has succeeded we would like to invite you, your friends, or your family, to join our society and help us in finding the one who can control the LOGOS, the one who can weave what humans call their destiny and lead us to our divine salvation!


It has come to our attention that media outlets all over the known galaxy have started to share misleading information about our community! Our sole aim is to educate the unwary public, lifting the dusty cover that has been hiding the truth. Lies and intimidations can only slow down this necessary process of awakening and so we will continue our devoted efforts.

It is true that we use neurographic technology to manifest the LOGOS and weigh these figments against each other, trying to find the path. However, rumors about the damaging sideeffects of this technology are unbased and detailed scientific studies leave no doubt that the use is absolutely safe and has no noticable side effects! Do not let superstitions and rumors stop you from finding your destiny! Do not let them cloud your vision any longer!  
[End Transmission]
Extracting the LOGOS

Neurograph Hand Device

Processed Mind Figments