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Q: What is LOGOS Cards?

A: Logos Cards is Collectible Card Game, played within the virtual world known as Second Life®.
Wearing a Heads-up Display (HUD), which provides you with a view of the game, you take
on other opponents for one-on-one battle, using cards which provide both defensive and
offensive capability. As you level, you will gain more cards with many new abilities, and move
closer to obtaining special rewards.

Q: What does it take to play?

A: All you need is the HUD set, which comes complete with the Main HUD and Battle HUD, as
well as the Neurograph Effects attachment. These, coupled with the 25 demo cards included,
are all you need to begin your adventures. Well, that, and a Second Life® account of course.

Q: Where can I buy this game?

A: You can purchase Logos Cards in-world or from the web marketplace. The main locations
in-world are the Main Store here, and the Satellite Research Station here. Logos Cards
related items can also be found on the XStreet Web Marketplace here.

Q: What is Second Life®?

A: Second Life if one of the largest virtual worlds in existence. Here via your Avatar, you can
meet people, explore, create, and do almost anything you can imagine. As it is literally a
whole other world, it's very hard to sum up in words. It's a place best experienced. And best
of all, it doesn't cost a thing to sign up or use.

Q: How do you sign up for Second Life®?

A: Signing up is easy. Just follow this link: Logos Cards in Second Life . After signup and
downloading the client, you'll be taken to The Logos Cards Research Satellite, where you can
find some items to help you customize your avatar, and of course everything you need to get
started with Logos Cards! Well, everything except some L$.

Q: What is L$? How do I get some?

A: L$ (called Lindens) is the currency used in Second Life®. While Second Life® itself is free,
some features and content does cost money. Logos Cards is one such premium service.
Once you've signed up for Second Life®, buying some L$ is easy. You will first need to provide
billing information for your account. You can do so here. Paypal and all major credit cards are
accpeted. You should wait about 15 minutes before attempting to purchase L$ after adding
your info. When you're ready to buy, you can do it from the viewer, using the "Buy L$" button
on the top-right of the window, or from the Second Life® website here.

Q: I need opponents! What do i do?

A: First off keep in mind that while you wear the HUD it will always scan for possible opponents
and alert you with a chime when someone else wearing a Logos Cards HUD comes into range.
You can always check who is available by using the "View Status" button on the main menu.
On top of that you are free to use our Second Life group to ask for games in chat, our
members are always looking for new opponents.
You can also check out our frequently updated arena list, which lists popular meeting places maintained by fans of the game.

Q: Do I have to pay for all the cards?

A: LOGOS cards features a level system to rank all players and show their progress. As you play
games you will collect XP (experience points) and if you collect enough you will level up.
Every time you level up, you will be rewarded with one random free card.

Q: How do I get XP?

A: Experience points are collected by playing many games. The amount is determined by various
factors, such as who won, If you have played against your opponent before, or if this is the
first time, and other factors. Once the game is finished, your points will be calculated and
You'll be informed of your new total. You can always check your progress on your Control
Panel page, or on the leaderboard here.

Q: Can I trade my cards?

A: Cards must be loaded into your HUD to play. However, you can eject them from the HUD at
any time you're not playing, and they will be returned to your inventory as regular
Second Life® items. You are free to trade or sell your cards with other players while they
are in this form.

Q: Do I risk losing any cards if I lose a match?

A: Currently all cards that you use for playing are completely safe. We realize that such a feature
can make playing more exciting, so if enough players ask for it we might consider adding it as
an optional feature in the future.

Q: What is the minimum number of cards in a deck? What's the maximum?

A: The minimum is 25 cards. The game won't allow you to join a match if you have fewer loaded.
The maximum is 55 cards. More cards than that per deck will not load.

Q: I get annoyed by all the cards sent one by one when I empty my deck...

A: There is a little trick you can do: If you visit our Update Satellite and return your cards there, they will always be returned in a whole folder!

Q: Neutralize doesn't work the way I expect! How are effects handled in LOGOS Cards?

A: Effects are a complex process. There is a set order of execution. Whoever is DEFENDING is always given the advantage.  Effects are processed in this order:
First the effect of the Defender that effects himself, then the effect of the Defender that effects the Attacker,  then he effect of the Attacker that effects himself and finally the effect of the Attacker that effects the Defender.
Neutralize does not go into effect until it is Applied! It is NOT retroactive, and does not remove effects that were applied before it went into effect.  So if you think about it you will see, a Neutralize will not always block. In fact, a Neutralize applied by an Attacker placed on a Defender (last in order of execution) will have no effect at all! The effects processor is intelligent; If a Temporary effect will be removed by an upcoming Neutralize, it won't even apply it in the first place. Aren't we clever? :) Note: we will still print the message as if it did go into effect, but no values are actually modified, to keep the illusion of 'removal' later.

Q: I have a suggestion/feedback/bug report/issue I want to report. Who can I contact and how?

A: You can contact Logos Cards in several ways: In Second Life® you can contact either
Oni Horan or Darien Caldwell via IM or Notecard. Or if you prefer, you can email us at