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Official Events

The team at LOGOS is always eager to assist our players in organizing and promoting special events such as Tournaments, League play-offs, and other events of interest to the LOGOS community.
However, we must also balance this with an eye to ensuring the quality and integrity of such events that we put our name on. With this in mind, the LOGOS Team in conjunction with our Arena owners, have created a set of rules and guidelines to govern events that the LOGOS Team Sanctions or Sponsors.
To be Sanctioned or Sponsored, an Event Organizer must pledge to run their event according to these rules and be bound by them. We think these are reasonable and simple rules:
  1. The Event must have one specified Event Organizer who will make rulings on decisions or disputes. The Event Organizer agrees to all applicable LOGOS rules and enforces them as required. Disputes or issues concerning decisions made are to be brought to their attention STRICTLY in IMs, arguments in public that disturb the event will not be tolerated. If a dispute cannot be resolved, the LOGOS Team will make a final determination. The ruling of the LOGOS Team will be *final* in such cases.
  2. Sanctioned or Sponsored Events should be open to all players in good standing. The standing of players is determined by the LOGOS Team based on the combination of  formal complaints, player behavior at events, and basic observable tenets of sportsmanship and fair play, as observed by the LOGOS Team. A list of players which are not in good standing, if any, is available to Event Organizers upon request.
  3. Sanctioned or Sponsored tournaments must be held in a full-prim sim, Mainland or Private. Homesteads are forbidden, due to their low script performance, and low overall performance. Low performance sims will likely contribute to game errors and lag.
  4. Public Voice Chat should not be used during the event. The confusion of two different communication mediums can hamper the flow of an event, and in the case of dispute resolution, having a text record of events is key. Text is the approved form of communication during Sanctioned and Sponsored Events.
  5. In the case of Tournaments, participation will be capped at a maximum of 16 players. Because of time constraints, the 40 avatar cap in sims, and general lag concerns, this has been determined to be the best maximum. This does not include spectators, only tournament participants.
  6. In the case of Tournaments, All Player participants must register by the cut off time specified by the Event Organizer. Players that miss the cut off *may* be considered for filling any vacancies which may occur during the course of the Tournament, at the Organizers' discretion. Please register promptly!
  7. In the case of Tournaments, If a Battle is ended prematurely due to a grid issue (lag induced lockup, player disconnect, sim crash) , it is to be repeated from the start.
  8. In the case of Tournaments, If a Battle is ended prematurely due to a player induced event (Forfeit due to removing a HUD, stepping out of range, or Resigning), the player causing the event forfeits the game, and their opponent is deemed the winner.
  9. The tournament format must be a Round Robin Double Elimination system (RRDE), as follows (note that this is a basic outline, RRDE is a complex system):
  10. In Double Elimination, there are two Brackets: The Main Bracket (aka Winners Bracket) and the Elimination Bracket (aka Losers Bracket). Everyone starts out in the Main Bracket.

    All participants are paired up in a random fashion. Each group of two then plays a round. Anyone that loses a game in the Main Bracket will fall into the Elimination Bracket and paired with the highest available player that is already there. If a player loses a match anytime within the Elimination Bracket, they are eliminated and removed from the list.

    If a bracket contains an uneven amount of players, the bottom-most player receives a Bye and moves on to the next round without battle. Each player can only receive a Bye once, so if during rotation a player comes up for a bye that has already had one, the player above him in the list would receive it instead.

    The process continues in each round as players from the Main Bracket fall into the Elimination Bracket.

    Eventually, only one player will remain undefeated in the Main Bracket and receives a Bye until every game within the Elimination Bracket is completed. Once there is only one person left in each bracket, these two players face off in the Tournament Finals. For the player in the Elimination Bracket to win the tournament, they must win TWO games against the player in the Main Bracket. Should the player in the Main Bracket win the first match, the tournament is completed as that player has won all matches and gone undefeated. Should the player in the Main Bracket be beaten, the 2nd match would be the deciding match and, also, be known as the Eliminator Match. Whomever wins this match would win the tournament outright.
  11. These Rules may be altered by the LOGOS Team as needed, please always refer to this page for the latest version of the rules. The LOGOS Team may, at their discretion, grant a wavier on some terms if sufficient reason is presented. A wavier is good only for the event in which they are granted, and do not carry over to any subsequent event, at any future time or place.  For questions, please contact Darien Caldwell or Oni Horan In-world, or email us at logos-team[at]