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LOGOS Card Arenas


You bought the game, have tweaked your deck to perfection, and are ready to 'throw down', but where can you go to find other players to battle?  We hope to answer that question here.
Of course you can alwasy join the LOGOS Cards group and seek opponents there. However, there are some great places in-world to meet fellow players. Here's some we are aware of (in Alphabetical Order):

Game Corner 3.0

Venen Lisa has a cozy little card shop here, where a selection of second-hand cards and other 3rd party logos accessories are available.
 Visit Game Corner 3.0!

Duplicate Club Public Game Park

Dizzan Humburg has created a nifty little Battle HUB for playing LOGOs with the motley denziens of Second Life.

 The Wyrd

The whole sim at The Wyrd is a fun set of shops and areas to explore, and there amongst the streets and alleyways, groups of intrepid adventurers can be found,learning the ways of the LOGOS. And did I mention they have a faithful recreation of the town of Geffen from Ragnarok Online? Yes they do, check it out.

Visit The Wyrd!