LOGOS cards™ is an exciting new cyberpunk themed Collectible Card game which takes all of the fun and excitement of traditional games and brings it into the collaborative virtual world known as Second Life®. Collect your scifi cards, build your ultimate deck, then be prepared to go head-to-head with your adversaries, in a no holds barred battle for universal domination! Mount your attacks using the Logos Cards in combination with the advanced HUD (Head-up display). All actions are projected onto the the players avatar using visual effects, animations, and sound effects, for a truly fun and immersive battle experience.

The aim of the Logos Cards team is to provide a professional, engaging, and dare we say, fun gaming experience inside the world of Second Life® that takes full advantage of many key aspects of the medium, including a heavy focus on social interaction, user generated content and unrestricted maneuverability. The game was first conceptualized by Oni Horan in 2008. Development began in earnest early 2009 with the addition of Darien Caldwell to the creative team. The full game was released on July 1st 2010.

Thanks to:
Our faithfull group of testers
All our patient cardmodels
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